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Increasing your Woman's Sex Drive

Do you want your wife or your girlfriend to desire sex as much as you do? Are you the one who always initiates the sex and you're wondering why she is not that excited about having sex with you? Does her sex drive decreased and you are dying to find ways to bring out the excitement and passion that she used to have when you were at the youth of your relationship? Here are some ideas that you may find useful in bringing back the raging flame in your woman.

Foreplay. The first thing that you do before the sexual act, just don’t forget to make it more exciting and pleasing. It's not only the stimulation of her body but as well as her emotions and her mind. While you are kissing and touching her, tell her also how much you love and adore her. These would make her feel wanted and special.

Sex toys. Try to have that open communication with her, and make her share to you any sex toys she would like to use and how to use it to her. Be attentive to her wants and needs and help her reach her orgasm using that.

Express romantic words to her. She will feel great and special if you you're going to tell her that you enjoy the romantic evening and the steamy lovemaking with her. These would give you a chance to have more sex with her in the future. 

Orgasm. You need to be able to give her orgasm every time you have sex with her, since this is the highest point of pleasure you could give to your woman. These would totally make your woman want you more, as you have showed her how much sexual pleasure you are willing to give to her.

Sexing In The Wrong Cabin

A funny experience about a couple you shouldn’t miss!

A 16 year old lad and lady went camping with their families; they were in the same camping ground because both of their parents knew each other and that’s how things started between them. The time setting was actually perfect for the couple because they can spend time with each other, or that’s what they thought.

When both of their parents were chatting on a bonfire, the couple sneaked away and went to have some “fun” on the cottage that they were renting. They got to the cottage but it was locked so they ended up sneaking through a window and did their thing.

The couple really got busy that night, they really made the most out of the time that they have. Every time the guy penetrated her girl, she moaned louder and louder with pleasure. Just when everything seems so right and pleasurable, they hear a noise and thought that maybe their parents had come back. The next thing they know an elderly couple opened the door and before they could react, the next thing they saw was a shotgun pointing at them with the man asking who they were at and just what the hell were they doing in their cabin while they were actually on the sexual act. Just imagine how horrified the couple could get.

Apparently what happened was, the couple ran and sneaked into the wrong cabin that night because it was too dark to see anything. Anyway, so much for that, let’s get to the real thing. The elderly couple talked to the young couple’s parents the next day and told them what they had seen. So you just can imagine the awful feeling the couple was feeling at that moment. Since then the guy could not even look into his parent’s eyes and also with her girlfriend’s parents.

By the way, the good news is, the couple is still going out together to this day, but the memory of that night will always be in their minds forever.

The Big “O” in a Woman

Both men and women are curious about these big “O” or the orgasm in women. In fact, most women may not have explored or experienced this intense pleasure in lovemaking. On one hand, men are also completely clueless on how to give their woman this ultimate pleasure.

If you are one of those men who want to give his partner that ultimate lovemaking or if you are a husband who wants to add some spice into your sex life, then these ideas below might be useful in achieving that.

Make your woman feel relaxed and comfortable - One thing that can help a woman achieve her orgasm is by having a worry-free-mind. Make her feel at ease and release all her tensions before the sexual act takes place. Though women should be the one handling her mood, if you can help her then why not, you two would definitely benefit this. A massage can do well at this point.

Prolonged foreplay - Women would definitely love this. The kissing, touching, caressing, talking sweet and dirty things can make her feel loved and appreciated. Actions and words can come hand in hand at this moment. While you kiss and touch her, tell her words that would show her how much you love and appreciate her. The mind is the first tool into setting your body into the mood for the sexual act so you should do well in this aspect.

Ask her what she wants and what she likes - This may sound awkward but it can actually help in achieving woman’s big “O”. You have to make her tell you what she wants, so you can do something about it. Although the ability of a woman to reach her orgasm depends on her, you can still help her in achieving that.

Indeed women are complicated - It can be a challenge for men to be able to make her woman reach her orgasm, but if you learned some techniques on how to satisfy her, surely you’re in for a wonderful sex life and great relationship as well.


Sex Tips and Toys for Holiday Fun

Sex toys and sexual intimacy in the holidays are great, just the perfect time of the year where you can really spend that quality time together. Amazing isn’t it? Now here’s how to maximize your holiday fun:

Bring out the sex toys- Sex toys for holidays can make your sexual intimacy more fun and exciting. The holidays provide the spirit of joy and giving so sex toys can be a natural extension or way to spread that love and Yuletide glee. However, holiday’s season also brings us stress due to all the parties and other activities we engaged ourselves into and sex toys are the best therapy or the holiday stress relievers. Sex toys can include holiday related items as well as the trusted and tried lotions and erotic oils which can provide that much needed and deserved holiday’s sexual intimacy.

Holiday lingerie and sexy costumes- Wearing and dressing up in a sexy Mrs. or Mr. Santa Claus suit is an incredible turn on. It can provide your holiday with so much fun while remaining that very erotic and even exotic feeling. Other options for those costumes can be a sexy Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer or a sexy elf outfit.

An intimate holiday night together- This is really a “must do” holiday sexual intimacy activity. Holiday season is such a perfect time to cuddle and snuggle with one another while exchanging your gifts (probably a sex toy gift) and sharing the spirit that holidays bring. A very important aspect to an intimate holiday night together is to try out the things that you have not done before. Maybe trying new and different positions or using sex toys together to spice up your sexual intimacy.

Holiday season is approaching fast. Don't waste the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner. So getting ready for that holiday fever is what you should be doing right now to avoid hassles and instead enjoy your holiday. Now, that’s what you should do. Have a happy holiday!


Spicing up Your Love Life

 Dirty talk often embarrasses most people, admit it, it doesn’t really comes naturally. However, it can do wonders in your love life. It can add excitement and a sense of adventure to your relationship and even can strengthen the bond between your partner.

Oops, you’re not yet ready to talk dirty huh? If you are coy about it, then here are some ideas that you may find useful.

Praise him- We definitely love to be praised and be complimented. Make him feel sexually able and manly. You can simply say “You are so big” or “you are hot” or something that would boost his ego. This can make him feel confident and proud.

Express your pleasures-
Let your partner know that you appreciate everything he does for you and that you are enjoying every minute of it. You can say something like “I love it when you kiss me there”.

Play roles-
If you are s
till embarrassed to do these things, then you can pretend to be someone else. Make up a fantasy sexual story with your partner and play it out during your sexual act. This can make you confident on talking dirty, because you’re thinking you’re just merely playing the role.

Dirty talking should sound natural and effortless. Don’t make it sound like you’re just trying to please him, make it sound that you really know what you’re doing and that you’re also enjoying it. Surely, you have some w
ild aspects in you, just express it naturally.

Tell him what you want him to do- If you don’t know what to say, then just speak your heart out. You can use command but use a sexy voice in telling your man what you want him to do to you. Ask him to touch or caress you anywhere you want and don’t fret about intimidating him. Most men love these kinds of command.

Now you are aided, so go for it girl!

Giving Your Woman the Unforgettable Sex Experience Ever

You don’t know how to give your woman an orgasm? Well, here’s the news you’re not alone! Millions of men have the same problem all over the world and even women don’t know how to please themselves, how much more for a man.

First things first, you need to understand that in order to have an orgasm you and your woman need to be relaxed. How can you expect to have a wonderful sexual experience if you are too preoccupied with problems? If you are not relaxed and comfortable you’ll be having a hard time turning yourselves on.

Women love attention and praises. Don’t even think about just jumping on your woman and expect to be the best lover she’s ever had. With no doubt, it won’t work. She’ll feel disrespected and it will make her feel that you’re just using her body to release your libido.

Instead spend an ample of time telling her how much she means to you and how much you love her. Appreciate her efforts in making herself look good and beautiful. Caress her and give her gentle kisses on her face and on her neck. Embrace her; she’ll begin to feel secured and treasured.

A woman needs time, don’t be a quickie! When your lovemaking begins, start with the kisses. Don’t go abruptly for her breast and vagina. Explore and feel her body with your hands and lips. Go for her neck, her collar bone, and her legs and plant some kisses on it.

When you hear her breathing deeper, that’s a sure sign that she’s getting turned on and that she is into you already. Start switching your kisses into deeper and longer one, touching her in her most sensitive parts would also help. Now you are absolutely in for a wonderful hot night together.


Intimacy is a word often tossed around these days. It carries different meaning depending on who’s using it. In high school, for a heartthrob, it’s something they can hardly avoid. For a geek, it’s something they probably won’t ever experience. Seriously though, for me it’s when two people are within each other’s minds and without boundaries.

The word is being used mostly for nothing more than a euphemism for sex. But for a marital relationship, it could mean a make or break.

There are several aspects that could describe the intimacy within a relationship.

Mutual Fulfillment- Many struggle in recognizing, reacting and inspiring their partner’s needs. For a successful relationship and to be a good partner, a spouse should stop selfishly thinking that his or her sexual needs should be satisfied first, but should be working on mutual fulfillment. Be it emotional or sexual, there must be a satisfaction between a husband and a wife.

Open Communication- Don’t you think it’d be nice to be able to speak your wants freely? That’s what open communication is all about. Knowing what your partner wants and telling him or her you want could actually turn you on. Then again, something you’d learn could scare you shitting. Still, it’s nice to have an idea on what to do for a partner.

Satisfactory Frequency- Most men would demand for sex everyday if permitted. I could think that’s why men can withstand the constant nagging of women. Mutual frequency is not a problem if both of you are enjoying your lovemaking. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you do things more frequent when you enjoy it. An argument could be raised, what if sex is not very exciting? Well I could say, just keep trying. Thus, the need for increased frequency.

Emotional connection beyond the bedroom- The word emotional” mostly work for women as sexual is more for a man. And if you’re thinking the “out of the bedroom, into the bathroom”, that’s not quite it. It’s being able to express what you feel and having fun aside from sex.

Tips for Better Sex during Pregnancy

Most women find their body ugly during pregnancy. With the entire tummy that becomes bigger and bloated they feel conscious that they may not be beautiful and sexy anymore. But don’t dwell into this kind of thinking because it would just stress you out affecting you and your baby. Instead think of the positive side, like with your big and round tummy, that it would provide more area for your partner to see and touch. But if you are really falling down to that kind of thinking then maybe you have to call your dearest friend and ask for some advice.

Give yourself a pretty look - Being pregnant doesn’t forbid you to become beautiful and sexy. Indulge yourself to the latest hairstyle and make up, try to buy sexy and provocative dress that can make your husband want you even more. Remember that you can look good if you just think like it. And if you do this, for sure your husband would be back into your arms for that wonderful sexual experience again.

Act and feel sexier -You may think this may seem hard and hypocrite, but who cares as long as you are able to carry yourself well, then there’s no problem on acting like one. Experts would say that feeling happy and sexier can actually make you feel sexy and happy. Bear in mind that what you think is what you get. If you think positive and full of life then undoubtedly you will be. Try to loosen up a bit, and smile, and surely your husband would smile back to you and more.

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing; just imagine that you can bring a new soul into this world. The side effects of getting fat and unsexy is nothing compare to what pregnant women’s role in the society. So if you are pregnant, don’t fret, if you have your partner’s true and kind love, sex is no problem at all. More tips to come at my next post on this blog. Happy reading!

How can Couples Stay Connected during Pregnancy?
Let’s admit it, if not all, most of the men got turned off when it comes to sexual activity when their wife is pregnant. That’s why many would say that most cases of disloyalty occur when the wife is pregnant.
Men would commonly complain that their wife gets ugly and heavier and that’s why the husband finds no sexual attraction for his wife at that particular time of her wife’s life.

Of course the woman’s pregnant body is not really a sexy thing but if you really love your wife you’ve got to fight for intimacy. You can try to having sex, you know just try and if it’s not really going to work out then you can turn to emotional intimacy then.

Who says intimacy’s all about sex? First and foremost sexual intimacy originally begins with having that emotional intimacy, so it’s not that hard really. You can go out on a date or walk together and just hold hands. Keeping the communication open and sharing intimacy in some other ways is the most important thing to stay connected with your partner.
All couples get into the stage of these so-called sexual turn offs, but you can’t just go with the flow; you can still explore each other in a more meaningful ways. While men got turned off, women on the other hand get depressed or insecure but don’t worry. It is more of his issue than it is yours.

If you accept the changes with your body and rely more on the positive aspects of being pregnant like being able to bear a new human being into this world, you’ll definitely do just fine. And here’s the news, your husband’s sex drive will return as well as your body after giving birth. Just be patient of the other ways of sharing intimacy for the meantime.

If you still struggle, just bear in mind that working at an open communication and on intimacy are the primary goals. Your may adjust with your sex life during pregnancy but keeping the love and intimacy alive before the baby comes will make your relationship even stronger than before.

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